Resuscitation equipment

Defibrillator – The Philips Efficia DFM100 is a lightweight portable defibrillator/monitor with a large screen. It has four clinical modes of operation: monitoring, manual defibrillation/synchronised cardioversion, AED and pacing. The Efficia DFM100 is intended for use in hospitals or emergency environments by qualified medical personnel who are trained to operate the device and who have basic and advanced knowledge of resuscitation or defibrillation.

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AED wall cabinet (ARKY)

AED wall cabinet for indoor storage of defibrillator.

ARKY AED wall cabinet is made of sturdy metal. The universal dimensions allow the cabinet to accommodate all the most common defibrillators. The wall cabinet is suitable for office buildings and public institutions. Two colours are available (green or white) and an alarm can also be ordered.

Dimensions: 38x38x20 cm

The ARKY AED outdoor wall cabinet is available in two versions – heated and unheated, which is also 100% waterproof and dust resistant. The heated cabinet is equipped with a 24V heating element that can withstand temperatures down to -45℃ and can be fitted with a lock for fastening.

External dimensions: 40x34x20 cm. Internal dimensions: 32x28x18 cm.

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