Alaris infusion and syringe pumps

The Alaris® GW infusion pump is a small and lightweight infusion pump that ensures accurate and reliable fluid transfers at different speeds. It is the ideal pump for general and emergency treatment. The Alaris® GW infusion pump is designed to meet the requirements for infusion in defined working environments such as general wards, emergency and intensive care units, neonatal units, outpatient facilities, operating theatres and emergency departments.
Alaris® PK syringe pumps are designed for the administration of anaesthetic drugs.
The Alaris PK syringe pump has a user-friendly interface that displays the infusion rate, the total dose of drug delivered and estimated plasma and site of action concentrations.
The Alaris® GP infusion pump is small and lightweight, ensuring accurate and stable infusion over a wide range of settings. The Alaris GP infusion pump is designed to infuse fluids, drugs, parenteral nutrients, blood and blood components through clinically acceptable routes of administration.
The Alaris® GH syringe pump is a full-featured syringe pump suitable for use in intensive care as well as for conventional infusions. The Alaris GH is indicated for the infusion of drugs, including: analgesics, antimicrobials, blood products, chemotherapy, nutrients.

Micrel Medical therapy-specific infusion pumps and systems

Pump Rythmic™ is high quality and highly suitable for modern treatment in hospital and at home. It is a high-tech and easy-to-use infusion pump.
A high-contrast LCD screen and membrane keypad with soft buttons make it easy to set up the necessary infusion protocols and manage infusion events on Rythmic™ pumps.
The pump is suitable for intravenous, intraarterial, intraperitoneal, epidural and subarachnoid (intrathecal) administration of liquid drugs.
The Micrel range includes different application kits with needles.

Pain therapy
RythmicTM Evolution pumps are available in different colour coding according to the therapy:
Blue RythmicTM Evolution – PCA, wound infiltration
Yellow RythmicTM Evolution – PCRA, PCEA

Chemotherapy – Lilla RythmicTM PERF+

Parenteral nutrition – The Green Mini Rythmic™ PN+ is a high-tech, easy-to-use infusion pump for precise administration of parenteral nutrition solutions in the hospital or at home. The Mini RythmicTM PN+ pump is specially designed for domestic use. The device’s alarms are minimised – automatic “air in the line” detection and elimination. The system has a built-in air filter (complies with standard

IEC 60601-2-24). Mini RythmicTM PN+ with external battery 24h 300ml/h and with internal battery 9h 300ml/h. The nutrient solution application kit has a long 2.2m line.

There is a wide range of backpacks with different sizes and functionalities for the Mini RythmicTM PN+. The Micrel range also includes backpacks for children.

All Rythmic™ series pump data can be uploaded to a computer for archiving or statistical analysis. The infusion pumps can be equipped with an IP connectivity package for sending and receiving data from and to a GPRS-type mobile phone, enabling medical staff to monitor the infusion remotely in real time.

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