Matachana (Spain) is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of autoclaves, with a wide range of autoclaves sterilized by steam, hydrogen peroxide or plasma (H2O2) and formaldehyde. The machines are ideal for sterilisation departments and their fast and safe cycle times have made them some of the most durable machines in the world. Ease of use is ensured by an intuitive colour touchscreen control panel and a full electronic record of completed cycles ensures that all data is stored.

Steam sterilizers are specially designed to hold standard surgery instrument sets resulting in optimal use of sterilizers capacity. Sterilizers are designed and manufactured with extremely effective vacuum system to achieve the best results in terms of energy savings and reduction in water consumption. Matachana offers a wide range of loading accessories to facilitate the work in loading / unloading into the sterilizer.

Low temperature sterilization (i.e. endoscopes and optical equipment) in ethylenoxide and formalehyde based autoclaves can be used for delicate and effective sterilization. Different from other formaldehyde based autoclaves, Matachana devices work with a minimal formaldehyde concentration, which sterilizing properties are equal with more concentrated and therefore dangerous mixtures. As a result higher safety for the user during the whole workflow is guaranteed.

Hydrogen peroxide based sterilizer has novel containers with sterilizing mixture to minimize the user contact. Taken together, these autoclaves are safe and convinient for the user and delicate for the instruments thus prolonging their life span.

Possibility to connect all washer disinfectors and autoclaves to the remote traceability system for remote monitoring with a single software.

Washer disinfectors

Matachana (Spain) has developed different models of washer disinfectors starting from benchtop models up to the sliding automatic doors automated washing and disfenction machines. Wide range of accessories depending on the field of application (racks for baskets instruments, surgical instruments, laparoscopic and anesthesia equipment, different laboratory vessels and utensils) is included.

The washers capacity is up to 18 DIN 1/1 baskets, and optimization of the washing cycle reduces the time necessary to guarantee the effectiveness of washing and primary thermal decontamination process. Intuitive color touchscreen control panel and complete cycle log guarantee fast and effective workflow.
IPossibility to connect all washer disinfectors and autoclaves to the remote traceability system for remote monitoring with a single software.

Sealing machines

We offer different package sealing machines from Matachana (Spain). User defined text can be printed onto the sterilization pouch. Intelligent text printing function ensures adjusting texts to the width of bags, so even in case of small pouches text will fit properly. Our equipment can weld a very wide range of different materials used in sterilization, ensuring the unobstructed use of the device.

Furniture for the sterilization unit

Wide range of fully configurable and personalized solutions for the sterilisation deparatment furniture. Wide choice of stainless steel workbenches and packing tables.

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Dental autoclaves

Sterilize your accessories just in less than 7 minutes!

Cassette autoclaves´unmatched speed and dependability have made STATIM (Canada) the world’s best-selling autoclave. STATIM uses a specific ‘steam generator’ providing you with a complete solution: rapid sterilization balanced by rapid and delicate drying – making turnaround a priority. In addition to sterilizing handpieces, turbines and micromotors between patients, opthalmological instruments, optics, endoscopes etc., in which chamber autoclave sterilizing cycle that otherwise is not allowed, can be processed.

STATIM is intended for packaged and unpackaged instruments, and plastic. In addition, it is possible to integrate data recorder into autoclaves that documents the sterilization cycles and allows them to be analyzed later.

STATIM cassette autoclaves are available in two sizes: STATIM 2000 and STATIM 5000.

Dental washer disinfectors

If it’s not clean, it can’t be sterilized.
No matter what your office size or your volume of instruments, SciCan has a flexible solution for your practice. From the compact counter-top or the large volume instrument washer or the washer-disinfector, automated washing solutions offer a better, safer and more thorough way for your staff to wash and disinfect instruments.

All washer disinfectors have validated cleaning, equipped with touchscreen display and possibility to save data. The interior of the washer disinfector can be customized just for your needs making it both simple and easy to use.

Dental handpiece maintenance unit

Almost half of the problems in dentistry are caused by inefficient cleaning and maintenance. To avoid this, we offer ´dental handpiece maintenance unit STATMATIC by SciScan, that cleans and maintains up to three handpieces at a time.

STATMATIC is small and easy to use, having a cycle time only 15 seconds per handpiece.