Lottery monitors

The Avalon FM series of fetal and maternal monitors is the first and only product from Philips to offer the ability to distinguish between fetal and maternal heart rates using Smart Pulse technology. The use of this unique and innovative technology significantly increases diagnostic reliability.

The Avalon family of foetal monitors consists of the Avalon FM20, FM30, FM40 and FM50. Although the FM20/FM30 and FM40/FM50 are of different sizes, they are all very similar in operation. Avalon’s fetal monitors also all have the same sensors and accessories. All Avalon foetal monitors are compatible with the Avalon CTS wireless foetal data system.

Philips fetal/maternal monitors are designed for non-invasive monitoring of physiological parameters of pregnant women during prenatal testing and delivery. The FM30 and FM50 are also designed for invasive monitoring. All monitors are designed to monitor fetal and maternal heart rate, uterine activity, non-invasively maternal blood pressure and the FM30, FM40 and FM50 also monitor oxygen saturation (SpO2). All monitors enable fetal and maternal alarming, display, storage and recording of patient data and associated curves, and transmission of patient data to a patient information and monitoring system. It is also used for postnatal monitoring of the mother.

The Avalon CTS wireless fetal monitoring system, when connected to a suitable fetal monitor, allows you to perform continuous wireless patient monitoring before and during delivery. You can measure the fetal heart rate (LPS) non-invasively with ultrasound or invasively with a direct echocardiogram (VEKG) and the uterine activity with an external Toco sensor. Lot parameters are measured and transmitted from the sensor to the base station using continuous radio frequency waves, eliminating the need for patient leads. A lotus monitor connected to the base station displays and stores the parameters. All the sensors are waterproof, which means you can monitor patients continuously in the bath or shower.