Medical refrigerators

Our product range includes high quality vaccine refrigerators, medicine refrigerators, medical and laboratory refrigerators from the German company Kirsch Medical. The range includes both standard and deep freezers, as well as refrigerators with explosion-proof contents.

Kirsch fridges can be fitted with integrated temperature monitoring systems that make real-time temperature monitoring quick and convenient. Thus, all the temperature data is on the computer and there is no need to write down temperature data on paper. It can also send an SMS message in case of an alarm.

The Kirsch MED series of vaccine and medicine containers comply with the German DIN 58345 standard, which specifies suitable conditions for the storage of vaccines.

BL series refrigerators comply with the German DIN 58371 standard, which sets out the requirements for the storage of blood products.

Catalogues to familiarise yourself with Kirsch refrigerators:

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KIRSCH catalogue of vaccine vials
KIRSCH blood clots catalogue