ECG247 HOLTER-MONITORING sensor set for long term heart activity

Key features:

  • Allows long-term outpatient Holter monitoring to detect and record different arrhythmia episodes, test duration 3-14 days.
  • Free app downloadable to Android and IOS phone, recording with bluetooth connection

ECG247 APP (requires Android version 9.0 or later, iOS 11 or later)

  • Long study comfortable for patient, easy to use, sensor reusable (showering during study, bath/bathing prohibited).
  • The sensor is reusable, cleaning with a disinfectant is allowed, in which case only thepatch needs to be replaced.
  • Use from the age of 18, with a BMI over 40. Do not use in pregnant women.
  • The result of the ECG Holter study is analysed and labelled with different colour codes.
  • CE: 10000366191-PA-NA-NOR, (MDD 93/42/EEC), Class IIa Medical Device Other: Bluetooth SIG., BLE Biocompatibility: According to ISO 10993.
  • Web page you can generate a pdf of the report at the end of the test.
  • Patients share their personal survey data with their treating doctor via their telephone number. The doctor enters the patient’s phone number in the web-based programme, then the patient receives a message on his or her phone, which he or she confirms.
  • On the website, the collected survey information is automatically analysed:

– Upgrading of codes
– Hull flaking
– break
– Ventricular tachycardia
– Supraventricular tachycardia
– Bradycardia (HR < 30 b/min)
– Tachycardia (HR> 180 b/min)
– Ventricular extrasystole
– Supraventricular extrasystole

Description of workflow:

  1. The ECG247 workflow is simple and fast. According to data protection, all data belongs to the patient, who has to give active access to his/her doctor himself/herself via a code in the mobile app. Access is permanent (unless cancelled by the patient). The patient needs an ECG247 app and a smartphone with mobile data transfer. Free downloadable app for Android and IOS phones, recording with ECG247APP blootooth connection (requires Android version 9.0 or later, iOS 11 or later)
  2. ECG247 allows long-term continuous ECG monitoring with real-time telemedicine access. The ECG247 is affordable and therefore allows many parallel tests to be carried out. In Norway, the established workflow is that the ECG sensor is either sent to the patient by post or can be placed on the chest by a nurse at the doctor’s surgery. More than 2000 studies have been carried out.
  3. All ECG and heart rate data are available on ECG247, classified and categorised according to severity. Findings for arrhythmias (yellow, orange and red events) are categorised separately. There is no need to review the entire data recording. On the report page, HR (heart rate) gives a good picture of the duration of any arrhythmia and allows access to ECG recordings of the desired segment.
  4. For patients (who do not use smartphones) who do not have a smartphone, the phone belonging to the clinic is used. The important thing is that the device must be linked to the operator, the phone must have a number. Data is sent from the phone to the website on a number basis.
  5. The ECG247 has been thoroughly tested and approved according to the European Medical Device Directives (ISO and CE certified).
  6. At the end of the study, a pdf will be created on the ECG247 website. report, selected ECG recordings are easily added to a PDF report that can be saved in the patient’s lock.