Heating systems

Swedish company Kanmed specialises in medical patient warming systems. Their product range offers innovative and effective solutions for warming patients. The product range includes baby cots, baby cots for twins, cribs, cots for twins, water mattresses, gel mattresses and heating cabinets. The products are made in Sweden and meet the highest quality standards.

Kanmed BabyBed – a modern way to care for newborns and premature babies. BabyBed aims to facilitate the care of a newborn or premature baby. The main features are good ergonomics and facilitating proper cleaning. Combined with the Kanmed Baby Warmer, it is the ideal open baby warming system that encourages parent involvement in the newborn’s initial care.

Kanmed Warmingcabinet warming cabinets are designed specifically for the hospital environment and are durable and quiet, intended primarily for warming gel pads, blankets, surgical instruments and fluids.

The Kanmed BabyWarmer is a warming system that uses a water or gel mattress to warm newborns or premature babies. Optimal warming ensures a growth rate in grams per day equal to or better than the best incubator. The effectiveness of the Kanmed Babywarmer has been documented in many case studies. An excellent product that reduces the number of days in incubators.

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