Hematology analyzers

Swedish enterprise Boule Medical offers hematology analyzers Swelab Alfa PLUS.
Analyzer offers measurement of 20 parameters and can be fully linked to information system used by family practitioners. Diluted, undiluted and capillary blood samples can be analyzed.

There are 4 different models on the list:

Swelab Alfa PLUS Basic – Basic model, suitable for small sample volumes.
Swelab Alfa PLUS Standard – Five-sample mixer is ideal for doctors’ offices and small labs.
Swelab Alfa PLUS Cap – Closed-tube sampling minimizes risks from contaminated blood.
Swelab Alfa PLUS Sampler – For up to 2 x 20 samples. Just load and walk away. Just run it and the machine will analyse the samples itself.

Choice of analysers

For more information, see the manufacturer’s information materials.
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