Rapid tests

We offer wide selection of rapid tests for professional use.

Very high sensitivity and specificity guarantee the validated analysis result.

Available rapid tests include:

– Drugs (single and multitests, detection from saliva, blood, surfaces, and urine)
– Pregnancy (hCG)
– Female health (ovulation, IGFBP-1, different pathogens, etc)
– Infectious diseases (influenza, moninucleosis, Streptococcus A and B, norovirus, tuberculosis, etc)
– Tumour markers (PSA, transferrin, FOB, etc)
– Cardiomarkes (CRP, D-dimers, myoglobin, PCT, etc)

Reader for detection and storage of test results for drugs and pathogens.

If you could not find a necessary test from the list above, please contact us, as the list of our rapid tests expands continuously.