Philips has a long history as a manufacturer of medical devices. The first Philips X-ray tubes were made as early as 1919. Today, Philips’ product range includes most of the imaging equipment needed in hospitals: magnetic resonance and computed tomography scanners, X-ray and fluoroscopy equipment, angiographs and fluoroscopes, ultrasound equipment and imaging workstations.

Although Philips still manufactures its X-ray tubes in-house, in Hamburg’s Röntgenstraße, innovation in the field of radiographs continues.

Philips’ state-of-the-art, AI-enabled, RedDot industrial design award-winning X-ray unit, the “Philips Radiography 7300 C”, is a user- and patient-friendly radiograph with low radiation dose and best image quality, which can be configured to meet the customer’s clinical needs.

  • Intuitive software and hardware interface – Allows new users to get up and running quickly.
  • Unique “Variofocus” technology – Sharing focal points ensures the best image quality and longest X-ray tube life.
  • AI options – 3D Camera-based automatic collimation and AEC chamber indication.
  • Many different configurations according to clinical need.

More information on the Philips website.